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Blawnox roads slated for improvements

Thursday, February 13, 2020 | 11:30 AM

Blawnox residents can look forward to more than $150,000 in roadwork this summer.

Council approved money in the $1.3 million budget, with enough to target two busy borough roads.

Acting Manager Kathy Ulanowicz said $74,962 will be spent for road improvements on Humboldt Street, which is off Freeport Road. Another $78,118 will go toward work on Fourth Street, which is also bisected by the borough’s business corridor.

Both streets were included in the 2019 budget but were bumped because of problems with paperwork.

“One of the sections of Fourth Street gets a lot of heavy truck traffic as it goes down to the industrial properties,” Ulanowicz said. “It’s in total disrepair.”

All of the roads in the borough were surveyed in recent years, she said, and council has been checking them off a repair list one at a time, based on condition.