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Fox Chapel crew team wins five gold medals

Thursday, November 7, 2019 | 12:01 AM

Flat water and perfect weather spurred a dominant performance by the Fox Chapel crew team at the Miamisburg Regatta.

Rowers on Oct. 26 traveled to Ohio to participate in the competition and captured gold medals in each event that the team entered, Coach Mark Bellinger said.

The Foxes swept five events with gold medal performances, as well as earning a silver and two bronze medals on the day.

The Men’s Quad saw Hayden Rutkowski, Jack Klatt, Nik Pattada and Connor Zakin taking first place by 1.4 seconds. In the Women’s Quad, Meredith Francis, Kaylee Werner, Ainsley Good and Leda Perdriel-Arons took the gold medal by a substantial margin of 21 seconds.

The Men’s Double had Michael Weiss and Harrison Hinz earning gold by 15 seconds in spite of a broken oar that needed to be replaced on the course just prior to the race, Bellinger said.

Hayden Rutkowski and Jack Klatt took the bronze medal in the event, and Connor Zakin and Nik Pattada came in seventh.

The Foxes swept the Women’s Double, with Meredith Francis and Ainsley Good capturing the top spot by 11 seconds over silver medalists Kaylee Werner and Leda Perdriel-Arons. Dahlia Black and Calla Truschel-Jacobs won the bronze and Claudia Bohman and Maia Gravina took seventh place.

In the Men’s Single, Harrison Hinz took the Gold medal by nine seconds, and Michael Weiss came in fourth.

Bellinger said the fall season will wind down with a team biathlon Nov. 25 at Aspinwall Riverfront Park, which will include a fun run for parents and middle school rowers to cap off the event.