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Art In Your Space

Friday, October 18, 2019 | 3:37 AM

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Contact – Sal Greco

724 316 9326

[email protected]


Imagine a hand crafted sculpture exhibition in a room at the winery,

or unique sculptures in a luxurious auto showroom…

or art displayed in a hospital lobby

Imagine art everywhere….banks, corporate offices, libraries, restaurants, salons, churches, and many more locations.

  • Sal Greco, founder of ‘ART IN YOUR SPACE’, wants to promote artists by placing their art and sculptures in various businesses and organizations. Greco says, “It’s a means of taking art to the people and enhancing the customer experience.”

Unique works of art would be on display at no cost to the business or organization. Greco says it is a win/win situation. The business gets to use art at no cost and the artists get exposure. Art work is curated to meet the requirements of the business. All art work would be displayed on a pedestal or on an easel. Nothing is hung on walls. Sculptures would be metal or wood. The exhibitions would expose more people to art and create an interesting atmosphere for the business or organization.

Each piece of art work would have the artists bio, description and price. Sales would be between artist and buyer. Art would be on display for a month. Artists would be rotated. Every piece is handcrafted and made in the USA.

An optional program gives the business or organization an opportunity to host an artisan sale on the premises. Artisans would pay a fee to the business/organization. Exhibitions would be promoted on social mdeia.

Greco is an artist and an artisan…a painter and a sculptor. He is a member of various art associations and a member of the Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors.

He has been working for several years since he retired to get artists recognized and market their work.

For more information artists or businesses can contact Sal Greco at 724 316 9326